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"Long live Harry’s hair."


I’m opening moleskine commissions again!! :D

I’m hand drawing custom designs onto moleskine notebooks for purchase :) These will be made to order so you can choose what you want on the cover! There are three options and two sizes to choose from:

  • Tattoo design $20 (S) or $35 (L) — Choose 1-2 of the boys’ tattoos
  • Portrait design $24 (S) or $38 (L) — Choose any one of the boys
  • Custom design $28 (S) or $40 (L) You can choose anything! (I have the right to turn down subjects that make me uncomfortable to draw)

Prices don’t include shipping ($5 internationally, $2 within Australia/NZ), all prices are in USD, and all payment is done through Paypal.

I’ve posted couple of designs I’ve already created in my moleskine tag if you want to have a look :)

If you’re interested in ordering one of these moleskines, send me an email at with the size and what you would like on the cover ! x

Hurry because I will only be making a limited number of moleskines!

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